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Talk is Cheap. Action is Priceless…

Hey Freedom Family,

I hope 2024 is treating y'all well so far. Now, that 2023 is in our rear view mirror, the holidays are over, and we are all settling into the new year... it's time to start setting goals. Our primary objective: FREEDOM through positive change.

To create positive change, start by engaging with your community through local groups of likeminded people. People that truely believe in our constitutional rights to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness".

I know... stepping out of our comfort zones can be uncomfortable. Well, the time is now to get comfortable being uncomfortable! I'm here to tell you that if I can do it then so can you. Do you think our forefathers were comfortable on the frontlines? No, they knew what their goal was and they took ACTION!

It is our time to take action. That does not mean that we will have to be violent. Our forefathers already spilled their blood for our constitution, because they had the good foresight to know that this day would come.

We must use that document as it was intended and stand up for the rights that it provides us, as Americans.

Now is the time that we must organize informational sessions on constitutional rights within our groups while fostering dialogue. Encourage advocacy through peaceful means, such as letter campaigns or community discussions, to raise awareness and influence change positively. Campaign for conservative candidates.

Keep our Freedom Family in the loop by, not only sharing news of tyrannical moves against us, but by also giving peaceful solutions on how to combat such blatent disregard for our constitutional rights.

Three ways I am doing my part is:

  1. I am connecting with as many likeminded people, not only on social media, but also by joining local patriot groups.

  2. Get involved in organizations that stand for conservative values. I am actively involved in an Ohio constitutional medical freedom citizens initiative. I am a proud member of other patriot groups in my area and across the USA. I am the admin for Amerihearts Freedom & Liberty Family FB group. I am also campaigning for a new candidate in my district.

  3. Since I have personally been affected by tyrannical nursing mandates (which, BTW, are still happening in healthcare companies across the USA), I created this blog to vent my frustrations and meet other likeminded people. Plus, I have always wanted to own my own business, so I have taken the steps in creating Amerihearts Country Store featuring the Liberty Shop.

All Americans have, not only the right the stand up and speak up, but we have a responsibility given to us by those that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

I don't think sacrificing a little of our time and energy is too much to ask to protect our freedoms. As I said before, it is time to get comfortable being uncomfortable!!

Much Love,


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