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Imagine That? We had good reason to question it all along, but are we surprised? HELL NO!

Hey Freedom Fam,

I realize it has been some time since my last blog. Well, it has been a busy 2024 thus far. During January through March, I was focused primarily on working closely with my district candidate for Ohio House Representative. Good news... HE WON!!

Since then, I have taken on a work from home nursing contract, still working on getting Amerihearts up and going, as well as, preparing for the United Freedom Festival (which you can find under the events page), and keeping up to date on medical freedom legislation here in Ohio and US. So, yeah, I do have a lot going on, as I am sure y'all do, too.

Life has a way of consuming us sometimes, but we also need to step back, breathe, and remind ourselves what our primary goal is supposed to be. Simple answer, keeping our FREEDOM and LIBERTY is our primary goal! The more complex answer is VIDICATION for all the BS they put us through. I think you know what I am talking about, but just in case you aren't sure, the Gateway Pundit is always on top of it... before you move on to TGP to read the article, please remember to check out our event page. Amerihearts will be at the I will be speaking on July 26, 2024 at 630 pm EST. Hope to see y'all there!!!

Lots of Love, Angela RN ( Freedom Nurse).

The following article is credited to THEGATEWAYPUNDIT.COM:

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Thanks for finding time to post. We know you have been busy. So glad my gut was right. Now they want to combine mrna with the flu jab. Only the sheep are unfortunately going to fall for that. Keep up the good fight!

Replying to

Thanks for reading my blog. Hopefully, I can get back to posting more. 🥰

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