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Free Toy Store?

Hey Freedom Family,

I came across this story today and just wanted to share it with y'all.

You know, No matter how many negative things that are happening in the world, CHRISTMAS always has a way of renewing our faith in, not only, Jesus Christ, but also in mankind.

Everwhere we will see little seeds of kindness being planted throughout the season.

This man is no exception. Thank God for this kind man, named Benny Johnson. A true patriot and freedom fighter. A wonderful husband to Nurse Kate and father of 2 beautiful children.

I have watched his success grow into a conservative household name. How awesome that because of voices such as his we no longer feel alone.

But now, he is using his success to help others. I'm sure you have heard of "Toys for Tots", which is a great charity.

Well, Benny has created a "Free Toy Store" called The Christmas Store in Alamo, Georgia, USA. Apparently, Alamo is a small town that struggles with severe economic hardship, so that is why Benny and his team chose this town for their free toy store.

What happens is each child gets a ticket to exchange for a toy of their choosing. Then they get to meet with and tell Santa their Christmas wishes. 🎅🏼

All I can say is... way to go, Benny!! Benny for the win!! You are my hero of the day and an inspiration to so many! Thank you for being you, Benny!

Much Love,

Angela RN (Freedom Nurse)

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