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Are your state reps not speaking for your values? Who’s to blame?!

Good Morning Freedom Family,

This post is primarily focused on the great state of Ohio, but my suggestions will apply to all Americans.

Here goes, I was at a meeting last evening where 2 of our Ohio House reps were invited to speak. I won’t mention their names. Just that they seemed to be 2 of the few true conservatives sitting in the Ohio State House at this time. Before going any further, I want to thank them for driving through the dense fog to speak to us and for standing strong on conservative Ohio values against the Liberal-Left and RINOs. God, give them strength because you know they are going to need it.

Here is my take away from their speeches…

As I sat in the audience listening intently to them speak about the conservative bills that they are currently working on, as well as their answers to other concerned voters questions, I could feel myself beginning to boil inside as it became abundantly clear that some of our Ohio House and Senate reps do more to benefit themselves than their constituents (No big surprise, since Ohio conservatives realized that when some of our “Super Majority” reps stabbed us in the back by voting with democrats to elect a RINO LIBERAL LIGHT as the Ohio House speaker. Now and forevermore will be known as “The Blue 22. Consequently, if any reps are reading this and happen to be one of the aforementioned Blue22, on behalf of Ohio conservatives, we see you and we will never forget).

Moving on, One of the reps that spoke confirmed many of my suspicions. One being that they spend more time dragging their feet, making deals, and buddies rather than getting anything done for Ohioans, as evidenced by one bill being months to years in the making and on it’s 15th draft with no clear date for a vote. The only thing definite was that it is most likely not going to be heard for months to “who the fook knows when”🤷🏼‍♀️.

As I listened to the reps speak about OHB 245 describing the extension of our current laws and what would be considered inappropriate acts in public and/or in front on a minor. Just the fact, that these 2 true conservative reps have to argue these basic common sense conservative ideals to other elected “conservative” reps on the tax payers time and dime is utterly infuriating!!

Those that know me, know I can be very outspoken, especially when it comes to American liberties being trampled on. I have zero tolerance for liberal logic and stupidity. That being said, there is no way that I am going to able to explain in one post everything I have been doing to fight for American liberties over the last 3 years or what I have sacrificed in the process. I am only going to tell you that, after listening for over an hour to their speeches, while gradually reaching my boiling point in frustration for the outright disregard for conservative values within the Ohio State House, I did voice my concern in the form of a rhetorical question and a brief introduction of myself and that I have been fighting for medical freedom for all Ohioans, as a discriminated RN for over 3 years now. I will say that again, “Fighting OVER 3 YEARS, with a conservative supermajority in a conservative state!!”

Here is the short version of my introduction and question, “I am a county lead and core volunteer with Medical Right to Refuse Ohio, as such I get messages daily wanting to know where certain medical freedom bills are in the process and what they can do in the meantime, because they are being threatened with losing their careers or can not get hired due to their exemptions not being “approved”. (Side bar: I am an outspoken and active advocate and volunteer, but I have no more control over what happens in the State House than any other Ohio voter, and Yes, contrary to popular belief, medical discrimination is STILL happening across Ohio State as of the date of this post 1/26/24). I asked the reps, "If you are telling me that one bill is expected to be sat on indefinitely, my question to you is, what am I supposed to tell these struggling Ohioans, who are being threatened with losing there careers, to do in the meantime?” I am certainly not going to give them the advice that I have been given by candidates or elected reps. Instead of them getting a medical freedom bill passed, I have been offered a job to work as a farm hand if I can’t get a nursing position. I have been told to just sign an exemption (which would have to be “approved” by people that have never met me. Look, no one but God gets to judge my sincerely held Christian beliefs.) I was also told by an elected rep that she heard of a nurse that was having issues with being refused an exemption, so the nurse found another nurse buddy who felt as passionately as she did regarding her right to decline and then they both signed each others form stating that they received the required treatment, which of course they did not receive it. But I digress, like I said, it was a rhetorical question… after all, we already know the answer. The answer is that we are on our own, unless we are willing to actively seek out more TRUE conservative candidates to represent us, such as the 2 that I spoke with last evening.

You might be asking yourself, “How do I do get actively involved or what if I don’t have time or even want to be involved?” Well, my answer is, “RIGHT NOW, you can call your local election board and ask them who is running as a Republican in this years primary election. They are obligated to tell you. Then you can research and even contact said candidates to find out where they stand on issues that are important to you and your family. It is much easier to spend a little time and effort seeking out and supporting true conservative candidates a few months before a primary election than it is to just vote for more of the same in the voting booth because you only recognize one name on your ballot... Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. Settling for more of the same and then dealing with the consequences of OUR inactions for years to come is no longer an option. We MUST get involved or forever be silent, because we the people have no one to blame, but ourselves. PERIOD!!”

Angela RN

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