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Red Rover. Red Rover. Let BLM Come over…

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Hey Freedom Family,

Is it just me or are people turning on the democrat party? It has been reported that the Rhode Island BLM chapter founder has formally endorsed Trump in 2024.

Listen, conservatives tried to warn the majority of the American populous, but no one would listen in 2020. Now, they are opening their eyes, since their wallets are being drained.  

Now, they seem to be realizing that the values that they hold dear, such as Conservative nuclear family values and financial independence are being attacked.

This is not the only example that I have come across. I have personally watched youtube videos of black community members have voiced disdain for their democrat representatives due to a multitude of reasons. Another example is how illegal immigration is affecting their communities and resources. Not to mention, being affected by the simplest things like buying gas to get to work or purchasing a loaf of bread has gotten too expensive for the average American under democrat leadership.

Sometimes people have to reach rock bottom before they decide to get off the group think train to Nowhere Town. Sad thing is... I'm not even sure if Trump can fix the mess that the "SWAMP" has gotten us in... everything from a failing economy to being on the precipice of WW3.

God Save Us All,

Angela RN (Freedom Nurse)

Note: This blog is partial fact and partial personal opinion.

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❤️ the elites literally don't care about anyone but themselves. One demographic, one state, one religion at a time. Going to continue to lose votes.

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