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Medical Freedom: Are exemptions discriminatory? One word… YES!

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Hey Freedom Family,

Religious and medical exemptions can be seen as potentially discriminatory because they create distinctions between individuals based on their beliefs or medical conditions. From a perspective that aims for fairness and equal treatment in healthcare:

1. Religious Discrimination: Granting religious exemptions may appear discriminatory to individuals who do not hold religious beliefs or whose beliefs do not align with the criteria for exemption. This can create a perception of favoritism based on religion.

2. Medical Discrimination: Medical exemptions might be viewed as discriminatory by those who don’t have “qualifying” medical disorders. This can lead to unequal access to certain accommodations or treatments, potentially disadvantaging individuals without specific medical conditions.

Either way, if you are an American you should be able to make informed personal healthcare decisions without the fear of discrimination if you choose to decline. PERIOD!!

Eric Nepute is one of thousands of physicians that beleives in a patient's right to choose...

Have an awesome day!

Angie RN

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